By Anonymous - / Friday 20 September 2013 21:00 / Hungary - Szeged
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By  sptriangle  |  16

He has the skills. you should take notes

  BeccaHugs  |  17

I feel like he should be more upset by the fact that his brother would do that to him than his girlfriend. Family just shouldn't do that to family.

  micha090  |  21

I hope you that you kicked your brother's nut sack and dumped her sorry ass. She's a bitch and your brother is a douche for doing it to you OP.

  kaitlynjane  |  28

"He shouldn't have let her make out with him." That's implying that she was the only one doing something wrong and the brother just didn't stop it. Who's to say the brother didn't put the moves on her, first? Either way, they both did something incredibly fucked up, and they are both at fault.

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