Today, my future father in law motorboated my breasts as I bent down to give him a hug goodbye. The rest of the family stood there laughing. This is what I'm marrying into? FML

By umm / Tuesday 8 December 2009 20:35 / United States
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By  k43L1  |  0

Your future husband was ok with that? O.o If it happened to me, my bf would have flipped and I would have slapped the guy & been disgusted. NO ONE touches me without my consent. but that's just me. You could just laugh it off?

By  docsigma  |  8

He rocks!

By  Erindub  |  0

Ha, ha an old boss of mine when I used to work for Disney did that to me at a party : )

By  Metallica139  |  0

Quit complaining he's awesome!

By  cmm724  |  0

Oh poor you... you are marrying into a family that likes you and has a sense of humor. Most people have to deal with shitty attitudes from their guys family. You should just laugh it off since everyone else took it as a joke.

  QTPie123  |  0

#7 - you are an idiot. that's disgusting and inappropriate. if your future husband is okay with it and/or if you know you will have to spend a lot of time with the in-laws. get out of it right now.

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