By SaggyBoy135 / Tuesday 12 July 2011 12:19 / United States
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  skizzlerz  |  0

that sounds like fun. Heck, I make sound effects for things I do randomly throughout the day. Who cares if people think you're crazy-at least you know it's just because you're more awesome than they are ;D

  Randuhh_17  |  4

that's freakin awesome! quit your bitchin', and enjoy the fact that your dad is still alive, and likes to have fun! I wish my dad were alive to do that!

  takanuva0123  |  0

So what if her dad makes sound effects, I don't know what all of you are complaining about. But people like her, they should be grateful they even have a dad to be with.


I was making a point that not all people who don't have fathers complain that they don't to people who still have theirs around. Go be stupid somewhere else, thaaaanks.

  je_suis_fml  |  11

68- some people may not go around complaining about not having a father, HOWEVER some people may choose to be passive/aggressive (profanity & name calling unprovoked) about it in the comment sections of silly websites. *in my concerned voice* I'm no therapist, but you may want to get that anger issue checked out. It's okay to mourn... go 'head.. cry it out. You'll feel a lot better and be less apt to spazz over silly comments that plays no relevance in your life. :)

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