By nerdwithagun - / Friday 24 December 2010 07:15 / United States
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u dont have any friends? eff your life mane! high school is/will going to be HELL fee u! u remind me of a kid named Joseph Steers who went to Mable Barron with me in Stockton!


kriptonite - I'm trying to figure out your modus operandi here. Tell me if I have this right- Step 1) Say something offensive enough to get moderated. Step 2) Insult moderator for doing his/her job and deleting your retched dreck. Step 3) I would have to assume this would be finding the moderator's house and slapping him/her in the face, right? Idiot.

YDI & FYl. Why? FYL because you got no friends. YDI because it's very easy to make friends. Hell, I've seen a kid with a retarded voice, is short, is a nerd and is kinda annoying but he still has a lot of friends. ITS NOT HARD. Just talk to people. If you are a nerd, talk to another "nerd". IF your fat, talk to another fat person. Etc, Etc you get the point.


Actually, it isn't that easy. Yes, it's easy to be friendly, but if you have nothing in common, or you're incredibly different from everyone else it's hard. On an entirely unrelated topic: I hate anti-flood.

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