FML - The follow-up

Today, my cat got into the bathroom while I was changing my tampon. As I was throwing the applicator away, I felt a sharp pain around my vagina; I looked down to find him swatting at the tampon string. FML

fannylovesfelix Say more :
Hiii... My bathroom is insanely tiny. Think airplane bathroom small; I can lean over from the toilet to reach the sink/trash can, so...I was leaning over from the toilet. Fail, I know. Lesson learned. Also, my door doesn't completely shut so he can pry it open. Ehh, or he cries and well...I feel bad. I've given up on keeping him out. : On a lighter note, it doesn't hurt anymore. Also, he's cute enough that I forgive him. :)
By fannylovesfelix - / Tuesday 10 March 2009 23:05 / United States
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Yes, this is definitely a FML because of the whole now it's gonna burn when you pee kind of damage that cat must have done... unfortunately, as terrible as I feel for you, I can't help but crack up. That's the funniest thing that I've ever read of that a cat has done (thankfully I haven't experienced this myself... yet).

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