By PharmSlave - / Friday 1 May 2015 06:12 / United States - Marysville
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By  Bloink  |  25

google is your friend?

By  CreamGravy  |  36

Sounds like your boss is scared you'll take their job if you get good enough. Keep at it and you probably will.

  PharmacyJoe  |  13

Pharmacist: That was Mr. Smith on the phone... He said he's been having problems with his blood not clotting and thinks it's his medication. Didn't you give him what I told you to?

OP: Yessir, I gave him Coumadin.

Pharmacist: WHAT?! I said cinnamon! CIN-NA-MON! His metabolism needed a boost!

OP: Oh... Well that would explain all the bleeding. Sorry boss!

By  lyricalservant  |  21

Go on a murder rampage and kill everyone inside that place? Just a suggestion

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