By Jaeda - / Thursday 12 March 2009 20:04 / United States
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By  Jaeda

I'm twenty years old, and my boss never leaves me enough work, but I'm expected to stay a full day so that I can answer the phones during all business hours. Sometimes my days are very slow, so I have to entertain myself. Don't hate on me and my goofiness because you're square. :) I forgot about the mustache because it was small and had been there for a good 3 hours when he showed up. And yes.. I had met him before and I will see him again. We're going to be doing some building for the nearby


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Yep. because it's funny. @ OP It's ok, The marine probley thought you were just playing a childish prank. Laugh it off.

Yeah right. As if you wouldn't have felt it moving while you were talking. Lies make baby Jesus cry. You are so lame to have to make stuff up to write a FML.

I sort of want to tape a mustache to my face right now. I think if i encountered a random person with a paper mustache i would mention it to them though.

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