By Anonymous - / Tuesday 6 May 2014 23:28 / United States - Elmwood Park
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  PIGaming  |  21

Surely, if your partner sends you nudes via a certain app, you wouldnt open an unkown picture and show it to your friend

  Scotticus117  |  11

Honestly. They just added the instant messaging feature. I just kinda use it to text girls with pictures attached and document "my story." Haven't used to sext yet lol

  mb2_native  |  15

I take it you never seen one before, a better explanation is a baby's arm holding an apple?

  Lacist  |  19

Then there's messages that stay if one or the other users press it, some chats disappear, live only works after like 30 seconds of holding, different settings for sending photos to people on your camera roll, shows someone is typing sometimes and sometimes not, stacks snaps you sent into a single message (makes people not realize you sent more than one image), replaces opened messages, unclear compatibility with older snapchats/phones, and hideous layout.

  91hayek  |  31

You know, the day is coming where instead a police line up of faces they are going to do it with penises and the victim of the crime will identify the criminal from his penis. "That one. Yes. He is Carlos Danger. I'd know that penis anywhere."

  Bjar98  |  6

haha, good one, a good one for sure! xD

  raeepressley  |  12

*golf clap*
Four for you #21. You go #21.

By  BoltTheSuperdog  |  22

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