By ohemgee23 - / Friday 19 February 2010 05:31 / United States
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  escualida  |  35

next time tell her that you'll give her a dollar/candy/toy (whatever she likes the most) for every day she keeps her mouth shut, eventually she'll forget all about it depending on her age... if you pay her once she has no reason to not tell on you.

  Byah  |  35

That's what I'm saying. I had no idea the locks on so many people's doors don't exist/work until I went to this website. I guess I'm just part of the lucky few.

  pendulum2012  |  35

when we moved to our new house, my mom made sure all the doors didn't have locks except for hers (not even the bathroom). she has some weird thing against my siblings and I locking our doors. luckily i'm in college now so I can lock my door all I want.


My house is the same way! I share a room with my two little sisters, and since there isn't a lock (there used to be a latch on the outside to lock us in when we were little), I have to change in the bathroom. AND I have to shout "STAY OUT" anytime someone comes near the bathrooms because I seem to be the only one (out of the 6 of us) who's ever polite enough to knock on the door, instead of barging right in. Luckily, I get to leave for college in August, though. OP, fyl though.

  kingspot  |  35

I dont know what the hell she was thinking having sex in a house with a smaller sibling there in a room that couldnt be locked. bound to fail. lil siblings like to spy on you. even when you are alone. when you are with friends they like it even more. when you are with your boyfriend or girlfriend they will almost definitly try to spy on you. i dont know what the hell she thought would happen other than her getting caught and being snitched on.

By  Jimboom  |  28

Either lie, lie lie or tell your parents that your little sister blackmailed you (producing the $10 for extra affect if need be), promised she wouldn't tell on you and then did. This may not work but it might redirect your parents wrath. Or you could just stop being such a slut in future! :-P

  smilefreely  |  28

TOTALLY. WHAT THE FUCK, bfs and gfs do it? NOOO, IT'S ONLY MARRIED PEOPLE ! ]: PLEASE, TELL ME SO. well everyones different...BUT STILL. && wtf, the fact that she still lives with her parents, what is she 15? so she is a slut. a stupid one. sheesh. the youngest i'd so is 20 (:

  georgiinaa  |  28

lol yeah, I agree she is a MAJOR SLUT. your poor sister is now traumatised for life!! and how do you know how long she has been with this boyfriend...could of only been together for a day so stop sticking up for her, shes a slut, lets face it.

  NickACD  |  14

69 your comment made me laugh. Thanks for pushing the boundaries of stupidity. If ya want to start a comment war you'll end up in tears so... Just don't start anything

  nmsm  |  5

milkshake, siblings suck sometimes, but when you look back on things, they're really not that bad. I would hate to be an only child.

By  expen_dable  |  8

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  pendulum2012  |  8

that reminds me of this girl who wore a cape and cat ears in high school and meowed when people would say something to her. she is probably one of the top commenters on this website

  Bewertow  |  8

Why is there any problem with this girl having sex? Best to start when you're young and at your sexual peak. It's a waste to wait until you're married, and anyways some people prefer not to marry at all. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and sex is the best part of life!

  mshafty  |  8

Holy shit. I think we maybe went to the same high school, cause mine had that crazy cat girl. Or maybe they're standard issue at every high school!

  iAlwaysYDI  |  8

I'm a virgin and I'm not even fat, nerdy, or whatever other things you might say about me. what you guys don't know is that having sex in a young age can cause a lot of problems. not just the one that OP is in right now. but it's that a girls sexual organs don't really develope perfectly till their early 20s. so I don't wanna mess up my girlfriends life and she understands too, that's why I'm a virgin. not because I'm fat or anything u douche.

  iAlwaysYDI  |  8

120, they don't care and that's why our society is so fucking stupid. and no, ur wrong, I've heard that those organs dont develope till adulthood from some doctors and people who know shit. so a dumbass like u shouldn't pull conclusions outta her ass.

  georgiinaa  |  8

Ialwaysydi, shut the fuck up you ginger, fat, nerdy virgin. stop trying to make out you respect woments organs pfft..whatevs you do, more like you just cant get any and ur using that as an excuse.

  DS1_fml  |  8

Oh give me a break. Your girlfriend probably told you that crap just so you would wait. Or most likely is the fact that you don't have a girlfriend considering you have to be stupid to believe something like that.

  cradle6  |  8

115-Thats just not true. A woman's "organs" are developed when she gets her period. Having sex at that age is not going to "damage" a girl. It makes no sense. And before this century, it was extremely for girls to be having kids at 14 and 15. The whole waiting until your 20's is a cultural/religious thing.

By  T_X_P  |  12

Earth to idiot: younger siblings have been telling parents about what older siblings do since the dawn of time. If you don't want to get told on, don't do things that set yourself up for it. YDI

By  perdix  |  37

You know how they say if you think you might get mugged, carry a throwaway wallet with at least $20 to keep a mugger from killing you? Well, extortion money begins at $50! YDI for cheaping out on your blackmailer.

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