By Anonymous - / Saturday 8 March 2014 01:16 / United States - Newton Center
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  littlem91  |  29

I know this website is popular but what are the odds of her landlord or even another building resident seeing this?

Although, you now have me wondering if anyone has been caught out by FML.

  bertyogurt  |  7

I'm surprised that this wasn't tremendously thumbed down. lol.

  bertyogurt  |  7

I've seen it a few other times on other urine related posts, and everyone pretty much jumped in responding with "just stop", and "quit", which I thought was pretty funny.

I'll be the one that gets thumbed down, however, so fuck it.

  bertyogurt  |  7

It you type "urine" into the FML search bar and search all of the urine related posts, almost every comment section will have this comment.

Just thought you'd want to see how unoriginal it actually is.


Why would he/she tell that her son did it? Just lie.

By  Queen_bee1234  |  21

Seems like you are in a pissy situation!

Oh yeah, I have always wanted to do this. Let the thumbs down commence.

  GraceyBlueEyes  |  13

Thumbed down purely for mentioning being thumbed down.

By  DotDootyDot  |  17

Your landlord can still be a reasonable person despite being an ex-convict. Explain what happened and that you will do what is necessary to make the smell of urine go away - it's your kid, after all, so it's your responsibility to fix the problem.


Yes about 80% of convicts are in on nonviolent charges, most of them just possession of drugs. So unless your land lord went to a gladiator academy of a prison odds are he's not that bad of a guy... he's just really tall

By  Soundslikeothers  |  15

Sounds like Urine a lot of trouble. now excuse me while I take my down votes like man.

  bertyogurt  |  7


Maybe you should take the users opinion with the intention of creating a flawless app, and not insult the user.

Just an insane thought.

I'm sure I'll be banned after this, but fuck it.

By  Wizardo  |  33

Don't be a snitch, he won't like that but channel your inner con artist and blame let's say an animal for example...

  chinaski7628  |  32

What kind of example would lying about it set for OP's 5 year old son? It may be unpleasant, but it's probably a better idea for OP to teach his son about honesty and taking responsibilities for his actions.

  Wizardo  |  33

Yo man when it comes to potentially dangerous situations screw it. But of course OP could discipline the kid afterwards without having to feel threatened and embarrassed by a giant ass, prison hardened dude.

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