By Anonymous - / Friday 4 July 2014 22:02 / United Kingdom - Sherborne
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By  megwithcat  |  15

omg sorry

  brenton490  |  19

IQ test are not a intelligence, it's a logical thinking based test. I don't know why people thinking this.

  fortune789  |  17

#26, IQ tests basically measure the processing power of your brain. Smarter people have more RAM, so to speak. I feels sorry for OP. I was tested professionally a few years back and got a 143.

  RedPillSucks  |  30

IQ tests are notorious for simplifying things. Intelligence has many facets and this society is only partially good at measuring some of them. Some of the tests are a joke.

  littlem91  |  29

IQ tests, even professional ones, are a measure of one type of intelligence. Scores over around 120-130 (on the ones averaging 100) don't give you much benefit career wise. If it was an Internet one, it's not worth thinking of.
OP if you're where you want to be in life, it doesn't matter. If you're not, look at education to get there, you may need testing for dyslexia among other things. The score still doesn't matter. It's a number on one test.

  gjikvtj  |  18

And that you must be attractive because your husband didn't like you for your brain

  zanoty  |  17

actually his child's is still lower than average average is about 120 and op is a guy

  nightbirdblue  |  27

120 is the highest in the "normal" area of IQ. Also, since IQ tends to be hereditary with children roughly in the average of their parents', the test is bullshit, your wife score must be quite high, or your child is not your child.

  J3R3MYY  |  14

It may be the time to say he's adopted

  lexiieeex3  |  32

Exactly. You should want your children to do better than yourself. You should want them to have endless possibilities and with a near gifted intelligence he will.

  yahoowizard  |  16

IQ tests are designed to compare you to other people your own age. So OP is not as smart as other people at his or her age while his son is smart for a 11 year old.

By  Garrett2818  |  21

Wow he whooped you, at least he's ok mentally

  Garrett2818  |  21

Hahaha good one :p but I felt like showing of my tattoo so sue me

  littlem91  |  29

Should've flipped the picture so the text was the right way round then. Takes a while to read as it is, it's not exactly a blocky font even. *tut tut tut*

  Bachiatari  |  4

well avg just saying.

  miggles  |  16

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  Jacqui_Meowth  |  11

Firstly, OP is a male.
Secondly, OP thought that he himself have had a mental retatardation, not his son.

Please read FMLs twice before commenting to make sure you've read them properly.

  myeviltwin  |  20

No. He said he always thought he was partially retarded, not his son. Besides the fact that IQ tests are highly subjective. He (the dad) scored just below the low end of normal, and his son scored just towards the upper end of normal.

By  worldclassrager  |  39

It depends on the questions you probably got an adult one and he got one for a kid his age...that's how they are set up I got a high score a middle school one in high school while having a really low score for a college one

By  i_h8t_everything  |  12

If your son is so smart, then i have four words for you: YOU SHOULD FEEL RELIEVED. In modern society, kids fifteen or older have an IQ score of 40, possibly even lower.

  littlem91  |  29

Besides all else, IQ is averaged across the population, so the numbers are meaningless unless everyone in the world takes them, of course there's many countries where children don't even get schools to go to, so that's not going to happen anyone soon.
But also means the ability needed to get average would lower, not loads and loads just get really low scores.
And nothing worse than a teenager who thinks they're smart trying to claim that most others are stupid.


#10 are you aware that an IQ of 40 is usually classified as severe mental retardation? If your "statistic" was correct the majority of the young population would be very noticeably mentally delayed.

By  infinitemonkey  |  19

Online IQ tests are ridiculous. Actually, even written ones aren't great. One administered by a psychologist is the best, but to be honest, if you grew up with puzzles and logic games, you do better, regardless of actual intelligence.
Mine came in above 160, so my skepticism about these tests isn't because I did poorly.

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