By fleatitting fame - / Friday 4 July 2014 21:30 / Norway - Oslo
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By  kikihp731  |  16

At least there's enough there for him to look...

By  toxic_walrus  |  15

Sounds like he's done a lot of research on Angelina Jolie's breasts for him to compare them like that

By  jeassy  |  8

atleast you have a nice chest op!

By  TheNenemon  |  15

Take it as a compliment, OP! :)

By  singer0421  |  32

That just means you have tits that people want to copy with surgery ^_^

By  worldclassrager  |  39

Like in tomb raider might have been an exceptional return of fire maybe find the lost ark while you are at it

By  voncrane  |  23

Take it as a win op. She still bagged Brad Pitt & that's saying something. Ask Jen :).

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