By a-scared - / Thursday 6 August 2009 22:18 / United States
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By  BLNovelist  |  0

Good money or not, one of them should have been a fucking good parent or sibling and stayed with her while the others moved on. Leaving someone hyperventilating is not safe at all.

By  Dmaster22  |  0

first QQ

  wbrycem  |  0

17 - I googled it and got answers in seconds. You've got fingers, a keyboard, and a seemingly functional computer equipped with an internet connection. Use it.

  bloodthorn  |  4

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  MK1029  |  0

She deserves it. I know we are all afraid of something but if you don't suck it up and keep moving, you fail at life. Her family should have left her there and gone back home. Maybe have another baby in hopes it wouldn't turn out so bad.

  MK1029  |  0

And where did it say phobia? Oh, that's right! It didn't! Besides, I think you can overcome anything mental like that if you really try. If you can't you should just off yourself.

  Emma_91  |  0

When the OP said they were hyperventilating and having a mental breakdown. Not sure about you, but I don't normally get like that if I'm just scared of something.

  Katieadams90  |  0

Fear and phobias are different, yes, but you can overcome them both. There's something to be said for facing your fears and/or phobias and getting over them. That is the ONLY WAY to over come either one. You've got to be exposed to your fear/phobia and get used to it before it goes away.

  arienh4  |  0

#26 Oh right, anything mental? So I can also overcome my autism? Please publish this information somewhere, since you've just proven thousands of psychologists wrong.

By  tpag3r  |  0

wow umm ok just tell them to shut the hell up and explain what happened and yeah ive been to the grand canyon =] its great you really dont know what your missing

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