By harvdog / Saturday 2 October 2010 19:43 / United States
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No wonder she thought you were a man. A normal adult female would be excited to go shopping with their sister, even if it was for maternity clothes. You could've at least acted like you were excited.

By  bigbadtim  |  7

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By  Mome_Rath  |  0

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  Mome_Rath  |  0

'Twas brillig (the early evening or thereabouts), and the slithy (slimy and lithe) toves (badgers with lizard feet and corkscrew noses) did gyre (scratch) and gimble (to bore holes) in the wabe (the hillside). All mimsy (flimsy and miserable) were the borogoves (birdlike creatures) and the mome (solemn) raths (creatures resembling either pigs or turtles; i can't remember) outgrabe (to cry or squeal). I believe we cried because the slithy toves were bothering us with their scratching and hole-digging. Oh, the nonsense!

By  amerwin  |  3

haha! You should probably shave that stash and stop holding your crotch while you "gangsta walk" around everywhere.

By  julz10  |  0

try dressing like a female, i dont think theyd say that if you were wearing a skirt. unless you look so manly that they think your a cross dresser, then i wouldnt know what they would say.

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