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This is completely Normal, once I went to blockbuster with my moms card and the clerk was suspicious so she asked me where I lived. I got the address wrong


Way to play it smooth... The guys I like asked me what my name was the other day. I was very happy he didn't know my name, but I was more disappointed that, even I, couldn't remember. But, life moves on! Sorry OP! ;-) Message me if you got the job! ;-D

Employer: Good afternoon. I'd like to start by asking: what is your name? You forgot to shed it in on your resumé. OP: Ummm...ah, *thinking to self* dammit Jessica. WHAT IS YOUR NAME?? *gets up* I CANT DO THIS! I'M UNDERQUALIFIED!! *Runs away in shame* That's a damn shame OP. You practiced in the mirror, but nothing could prepare you for the ultimate question. Well, the second ultimate question, the first being: How is your day going?

Don't sweat it OP, that happens to a lot of people, especially if it's for a big company. I'm sure the interviewer went through the same things and will forgive you. I hope you get the job! Cheers.

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