Today, I went to my boyfriend's house to eat dinner with his parents. Everyone wanted me to start the family prayer, and although I hadn't done one in years, I accepted. It went well until I remembered you say "Amen" at the end, not "Uh... Bye." FML

By Arcanin3Boss - / Tuesday 23 June 2015 06:37 / United States - Portland
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Each pun is worse than the last

  JohnTheDonJuan  |  11

Apparently you've never heard of the most interesting man in the world. I'd bet he doesn't.

By  Arestian  |  14

you should of just laught it off op, I dont think they would of taken it seriously, and u should of just said it after it was mistake i bet they would of laught as well, i hope they understand mistakes happen

  extrasnipes  |  22

This is rare. Docs in the negative

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