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This is hard to believe that someones first reaction would be to take the frying pan, square up to you, look at you, have a cup of tea together, and then aim it right at your neck. yay.

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as if 1 comment will decide his fate. He might be a sexist right now but the way you judgemental folks feel that u know exactly how he'll turn up later on is way lamer. leave him be, he chose to think that way.

this is fake. whose initial reaction is to lift a hot pan and turn exactly the right amount to hit someone's head


...riiiight..likely story. stop walking on your toes and actually make a sound and that wouldn't happen

I'd say that you kind of deserved it, because you startled her, but then again why would her reaction be to hit you with a hot pan? She should've looked to see who it was before doing anything.


I thought the same thing, maybe she has been in a bad situation like that before and knew how to handle it.

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