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  LiveLaughFML  |  10

kissing someone's cheek leads to kissing someone's lips which leads to making out which leads to second base and feeling people up which leads to no clothes which leads to sex. the moral of the story is - don't kiss someone's cheek! or you will get pregnant and die.

  Fruit_Dealer  |  9

God damn it another pointless "at least" comment.. I'll sound like a troll but it wasn't funny, nor intelligent. Please don't comment to be in the first ones, even though you have nothing to say.

  Bobissmall  |  13

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  Jimboom  |  11

#90 Granted. But who are you to say it is not a Colloquialism and you have just never heard of it being used before? Anyway, isn't that how most phrases get started? Someone uses it, someone else finds it very descriptive and uses it, so on and so forth. But just for you I added it to urbandictionary. Feel better now? ;-)

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