By Anonymous - / Tuesday 28 July 2015 12:22 / United Kingdom
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I'm more concerned as to where OP got Kool-aid from, I don't think I've ever seen it sold in the UK. However OP is from Slough so probably one of the shops that has cheap stuff from everywhere...


#64 Actually there's sweet shops that stock American sweets (and sachets of Kool-Aid mix) in many places in the UK and Ireland (Mr. Simms is an example of this)

Stand up and yell 'fellas, knock off this high society crap and let's all get trashed on kool aid and crackers'

Who doesn't enjoy kool-aid? You should've just said you weren't planning on having any alcohol so you brought a non-alcoholic alternative


The foods are pretty sorry for how much they cost, too. Take Caviar. It's an acquired taste, yet its price suggests that it's some sort of delicacy. If I wanted something tasty, I'd just drop by the closest fast food place. Then again, I never really had any sense of class to begin with.

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