By ssondik / Monday 22 June 2015 00:50 / United States
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Ouch! I'm sorry Hun that's gotta suck. Personally I'd ask him to pay you back for the money he cost you on his little "joke". Although I bet you looked absolutely gorgeous!


#12 I agree and disagree. if she spent $200 on hair and makeup then I'm wondering how much she spent on the dress? I'd ask the friend to help pay at least half since the money never would've been spent had they not decided to play an expensive prank. however OP should not have spent money on something she could not afford. the only real reason I'm torn is because some people like myself will treat themselves to something expensive (like going on my first vacation ever next May) so I save up fo


$200 is a bit excessive for just hair and makeup for one night.. I don't think the friend owes OP anything. It was a dick move, but the friend didn't know OP was going to go out and spent hundreds.

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I actually went to a Taco Bell recently completely shit hammered after a charity event. I was wearing a TUX. My friend and I pretended to be on a super fancy date.

Wait a year or two so he forgets the incident ever happened. Then invite him to a party and tell him to wear fancy attire. And then when he arrives, throw him into the trunk of your car and drive him out into the wilderness and beat him up with a baseball bat. I bet he'll feel silly then.

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