By lizownsvirgy / Thursday 7 July 2011 19:49 / United States
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  Takador  |  3

If they're both guys, then thats hot; if OP is a girl... thats just wrong and nasty!

  JustinThunder  |  8

What's wrong with doing that? I do it all the time.

  Sassybq1  |  13

hey im not saying its WRONG. its just a LITTLE creepy when u think about it :P

  Alwayspullout  |  7

and not even from Arkansas or Florida...

  maz255  |  10

i find this hard to masterbate to..

  wild_n_out  |  8

is that suppose to be funny?

  garrettsgirl  |  0

that sounds completely normal..... NOT

  maz255  |  10

i find this hard to masterbate to..

  Demonyx  |  6

and anime is anime not just cartoons it's not specifically for children it gives the creators much more freedom on where they want the story to go because if you tried to make half the anime out there with human actors they'd be infinitely goofier parodies of the originals with soap opera style acting and tons of vinyl, plastic and spandex costumes, like power rangers on crack trying to be a serious show

By  Psychotic_EGG  |  0

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that still counts as incest

  sxe_beast  |  11

"sexual intercourse between closely related persons"

This is fairly broad and I'm pretty sure a step sibling falls into "closely related persons". Or well in eyes of the law.


I got kicked out of my house because of being with my step brother who I was dating wayyy before my dad and his mom got married we had been together for 2 years and we don't rele care they can suck a big one :) it's not insest

By  Sassybq1  |  13

O_O hey at least it was someone you knew........even though it's still pretty creepy lol. Sorry chica. FYL.

By  zinoxity  |  23

Wincest! Go with it!

By  Felix333  |  4

enjoy it, it's not illegal if ur not related by blood...is it??

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