By Anonymous - / Sunday 12 January 2014 17:28 / United States - Sharon
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By  ireply_wlyrics  |  27

educate him on proper trash disposal.

By  Adhdkid107  |  9

Sounds like you had a trashy day OP...

By  ZomBgal  |  12

Other FML posts of this sort have usually ended with the person being a complete douche about their mistake. At least this one apologized. But on a bad day, I'm sure it meant nothing to you if they said sorry.


Today, driving home, I got bored and started debating how I know this is reality and not just a dream, even though dreams often seem real. The answer came quickly; in my dreams, I work normal hours and have time for things like hanging out with friends, and having a girlfriend. FML

By metalwolf / Friday 20 April 2012 08:56 / United States
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