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Happens to me about a third of the time. Honestly, I'd rather them dump me online than sit through an awkward date with me. I'm not much better myself. Once I see an unattractive pic, I let the convo dwindle until I can quietly pull away.

That's why it's better to talk to people in person, or at least get a profile pic.. speaking of which, is FML ever going to fix their profile pic issue or are the new ads the only thing that matters?


FML doesn't fix things lol. Honestly they barely change anything. I've had this app since 2009 and the layout is almost exactly the same. It's been a poor quality app pretty much since day one.

I think almost every one of Us has been there at some point. Me? It's a constant thing. You have someone out there who will see you and will fall head over heels and this bitch won't even matter.

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