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That happened to me once. the guy was peering into my stall while he was doing it. he left when I threatened to kick his ass, cut his dick off, and make him eat it


It's a term for masturbation used by non-American English speakers. Americans just don't use the word "wank" in our vocabulary.

Go up to him and be like I saw you looking at my package, if you liked it so much give me a 20 and get another hunny and wink at him


yeah..... if he's not 6"8" 300lbs totally kick his ass.....if he isn't armed throw him a beat down....if he isn't your dad.


what does wanking mean in english ? isnt that a song by 50 cent ? so he was being a gangsta the stall next to you ? were you at a car dealership and did you buy anything.

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