By Anonymous / Saturday 15 March 2014 22:05 / United States - Littleton
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  teyyoshi  |  19

you did it ?

  applebramble  |  22

#67 If he had it recorded on his phone or something then yeah , he can use it to blackmail for sure , if not then it's his word against his boss' , unless it was caught on surveillance . I hope OP fills us all in .

  primadonna9396  |  16

Kinda gross but I don't think you can catch anything that way. OP, if you are as much of an asshole as I am, I highly recommend "accidentally" spilling hot pepper juice all over the desk during lunch and setting up a webcam.

By  TheComedyAudio  |  29

He isn't the bossman for nothing...

By  alyant  |  12

Time to gorge out your eyes

  kthsdm  |  12

Maybe he was hungry. Being lunch break and all. Eyeball soup wouldn't be so bad.

By  BethGaskarthh  |  9

Oh that's awkward..

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