By Anonymous - / Friday 28 February 2014 22:26 / Russian Federation - Korol
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  adrianh1090  |  12

My score is 107 :P

  rorburt  |  11

#90, 78 wrote "fappy bird." And no, the creator of Flappy Bird removed the game from app stores because he was getting shit from Nintendo for using the pipes. He was probably also getting shit from Apple for using unethical methods to get the game to the Top Apps.

By  suslord  |  10

Wait that's not supposed to happen..?

  tranced_  |  41

but OP is a girl!

  AngelSpit  |  18

Didn't you pay attention in sex Ed #47? Girls can get hard ons too (albeit much smaller ones)

By  heinous966  |  15

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By  thief1434  |  23

Then you were playing with "flappy sperm."

Which is totally gross.

By  HarrisonHarrison  |  4

Happens all the time. flappy bird is love. flappy bird is life.

By  davidpropert  |  32

Hey, that little fella has a nice butt... It's from all that flapping

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