By Quackadoodledoo - / Thursday 24 April 2014 02:21 / United Kingdom - Edgware
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By  meepmerp  |  20

Better that then get beat up

  oddities  |  20

#35, please, please, please let that whole "cool story, bro" thing just die. Or take it to a site with lower expectations.

  itsmeue  |  7

"#35 Cool story bro tell it again " :D Story time :D Once upon a time, #34's friend alerted #34 of an intimidating thug type guy approaching. The guy walked up to #34 faster and said "you're talking about me"? #34's friend yelled "HELL NO!" Then they both hopped off the train before they got stabbed, and they lived happily ever after. The end

By  nota90skid  |  11

Um......you're creepy bye!!!

  oddities  |  20

How is OP creepy? Or do you mean that OP should've said that? That wouldn't have been a very smart move, by the way, if the man turned out to be violent, OP could've gotten seriously hurt.

By  Alexis2742  |  31

But he put the paper down..

By  shaww  |  28

Plot twist: the guy was on the phone

  Fuaaad1994  |  30

That's called overground

  oddities  |  20

You realize that I say "Jewish God" instead of just "God" because I used to get harassed with questions about why I say things like "Oh, my God" but never "Jesus Christ" and got sick of constantly clarifying that I'm Jewish and therefor do not accept Jesus as the messiah, right? I'm not even kidding, if you're wondering.

  oddities  |  20

Let me clarify something for the people down voting me: I say "Jewish God" instead of just "God" because, when I moved to California, my new friends started harassing me with questions about why I said things like "Oh, my God" but never "Jesus Christ" when in shock, pain, etc. and constantly having to explain that I'm Jewish to them was a pain. It's a force of habit now, no need to be offended by it seeing as it isn't harming anyone. For the people who are down voting me because they don't think OP should've run and disagree with me condoning that: one of my best friends got mugged in a similar situation when we were 11 so I'm wary of such situations nowadays. And, finally, for the people down voting me because they think I'm an idiot for asking if OP was at least close to his destination: he never specified how far out the stop was from his destination. It could've been a stop before or in a different city, it isn't specified in the FML. That should cover everything, hopefully we have an understanding now.

  Enslaved  |  36

Sorry to say #19 but it's not. The foundation of their beliefs system might be the same "god" but you're missing a few canons/scriptures added to the confusion! "Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky . . .and the world will live as one"

  DanielleinDC  |  30

Or slipped into another car at the next stop. Goodness knows I've done that on Metro when there was something I didn't like on the car I was riding (lack of a/c, really nasty chemical smell, whatever). Or find a seat next to someone smaller than the inconsiderate schmuck sitting next to you.

By  Nimmrodel  |  11

Should of just started reading aloud he would of appreciated it and so would everyone else.

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