By f*** - / Friday 6 March 2009 00:39 / United States
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By  Froghop  |  0

that isn't fuck your life, thats fuck your sister's life. I hope you showed her his phone number the moment you saw him so there is no doubt this is the story and its not some made for revenge ploy

By  Bloodycrustheart  |  0

What a dirty cocksucking bastard. You should slap yourself on the back and say congradulations because you just saved your sister's damn life. Her would-have-been unpleasant destiny anyways.

By  Spider_fml  |  8

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By  amelinat  |  0

That would have made for an akward situation at dinner, but its your sister that has the real problem here, I hope you talk to her about her man ASAP, or she's going to have her heart broken.

By  Bloodycrustheart  |  0

I just physically dont find it possible to flirt with girls that arent my girlfriend, it just doesnt do anything for me but make me feel bad you know? I love my girlfriend, and I dont have the predominantly girl's need to feel desirable. So much of female desirability has to do with flirting and recieving attention. Guys just dont operate like that. Outside of performers, guys dont really crave attention all the time to reaffirm ourselves like girls do. Its different with guys...when we flirt, its not cause we're just being "nice", and reaffirming ourselves. Thats not even a door Im willing to knock on, open, walk into, get on the bed...etc. Its too easy to get caught up like that. I only bark up one tree and thats my girlfriend. Your talking about a quick road to distrust, distraction from the relationship, and heartbreak. Not a good investment of time and energy.

By  Jimboom  |  11

Let slip to your sister that you saw him talking to a woman there and give him his number. Let her do the rest. It will be more impact if he tells her that he was hitting in her sister. If you tell her then she may end up shooting the messanger.

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