By BigBangCheater - / Sunday 1 April 2012 10:08 / United States - Loves Park
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  Bobissmall  |  13

I disagree #1... if she told him she was going to do homework and watch TV, and then she makes a status saying she is hanging around with some guys he doesn't even know... Then yes, I think he was fair to assume she was cheating. Edit: To clarify, I am assuming she didn't write "Spending time with the guys from Big Bang Theory" but that she wrote "Spending time with *lists names*" Still, if he didn't know what the Big Bang Theory was (he could have guessed it was a band or something?) then it's still a fair reaction?

By  chimocho  |  8

Aw poor boyfriend xD at least her cares enough to be angry. He might not have read the status right, or you might have phrased it badly. Either that, or he's joking. Or he's stupid.

  tweetbaby14  |  17

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By  maths_fml  |  2

lol they had a marathon run of the big bang theory today in my region..it's awesome.I love big bang theory..and Jim parsons and kunal nayyar and Simon and kayle and Howard..and chuck too.

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