By WTFsalad - / Thursday 18 February 2010 02:46 / United States
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  mezsed  |  0

Why do people feel the urge too correct others? Once someone out there becomes a perfect human then sure come and correct others, but i doubt its ever going too happen so how bout' you keep it too yourself?...

  Kylias  |  6

In TehFuzzyOne's defense, if u typ like this on ur resume ur not gettin a jobso fuk off!!!

For every person who uses such bad grammar, God kills a kitten. For every person who uses grammar which wouldn't make their English teacher's eyes sore, God rescues a puppy. Please think of the puppies.

  Batman4890  |  0

stfu u r clearly the 1 at fault here if u well first of all believe in a god that kills wen ppl are lazy when it doesnt matter and reading anything for a long period of time would make my english teacher's eyes strain also god wouldnt save a puppy in any circumstance god wouldnt save ANYTHING in ANY circumstance unless it is ur little perfect made up god.
btw not saying any other god isnt made up i dont really care about wat u believe unless u have a good argument for why i should waste my life :D

  afarr  |  0

the English language has been thoroughly raped in the replies. i say my dearest concern is: th4t u r 4l j4kass3s 4nd i h0p3 u di3 410n3

  SeedlessMe  |  13

Sadly, no--It is far from 'just a store'
it's an evil establishment equal to that of a child-rapist. Do some research, you'll find all sorts of fun things!

  TheHardwick3  |  6

First up Fyl for having your car dented 2 why do people feel the need to shorten everything it makes no sense and 3 GRAMMAR NAZIs FTW and if you wish to complain my number is 0800-fuck you

  kenji212  |  8

YEA!... even though when that happened to me i got out the car and beat the crap out the guy untill he was unconcious so he couldnt remember who i was lol!

By  efngreat  |  0

knowing that he is a man and you are a woman I am obligated to believe you in fact were going the wrong way

By  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Happened to me at school. Some Asian chick "decided" that the best way to get a spot was driving the wrong way, almost hit me, then followed me after i parked and tried to curse me out.
Told her to shut the fuck up and look at the big arrows next time.

If you didnt set him straight and demand he pay for the damage, you kinda deserve it

  Kukua  |  5

Where does she say she just took that abuse and didn't say anything to him? She's just telling us the story of what he did - of course she didn't just sit there and let him assault her car you idiot.

  AbOvE_88  |  0

it wouldn't be an FML if the guy/girl kicked that guys ass, obviously if he did it'd be a win win for him not FML , meaning he/she didn't do shit you ignorant fool.

  Kukua  |  5

You're right - if she had kicked his ass, it would have been a perfect day! Oh, and it also would have removed the dent from her hood so she wouldn't have the hassle of getting it fixed.

Think before you type you moron.

  AbOvE_88  |  0

your telling me? holy shit my life is ruined because there's a small dent in my nooooooooo!!!! it's why you make him pay it you asshole, get over yourself you prick

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