By yum / Sunday 7 July 2013 05:09 / United States - Sylmar
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By  edris_305  |  21

Sue them or get a free drink out of it from the store

  Zimmington  |  21

Yes! Sue them! How dare they sell a cup that a caterpillar could potentially crawl into. How could they not foresee this issue!? Some companies are thoughtless

  Baustigt  |  40

The mandatory sentence is one hundred hours of community service. Combing Doc's back hair is a popular choice. Someone needs to do it, or he'll start to dreadlock like one of those old orangutans. And it's either that or bathtime with Perdix. But we don't talk about that one.

By  Mimorie17  |  12

Thats prreeetttyyy gross. Im terrified of caterpillars..yuck.!

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