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Honest: I talk to myself every fucking way there is, accents, in corners, movie theaters, school, friends house, sometimes I make scenarios and yeah... But honest: every argument I'm in I never win! XD
By Kayla_Zee_Ninja / Thursday 8 March 2012 04:06 / United States
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By  Alostfart  |  2

Who's side were you on? :p

  Roevera  |  14

Haha, this is how I study.. It's F'd up but I sit in front of a mirror and pretend I'm "teaching" a lecture. Hearing and seeing myself, works all the areas of my brain. Works for me anyways. And personally OP I think its healthy for people to talk to themselves.. Unless however.. you start sitting in a dark corner, laughing at your own jokes. Then I'd feel concerned. =P

  muzy  |  23

Nothing wrong with talking to yourself op. I talk to myself all the time especially, while I'm using public transport. No one ever sits next to me. I wonder why.....


Some times it helps to talk to yourself, say in the event of having to answer potential questions, or if you are concerned whether an idea is good or not. If it doesn't sound right coming from your mouth, you will be glad that you confronted the question, eliminated the inappropriate response, and perhaps narrow down more acceptable alternatives. Besides, it's a really good way to keep people you don't like from bothering you!

By  Alostfart  |  2

Who's side were you on? :p

By  Cheesecakee  |  11

Its ok as long as you don't answer yourself. :)

  The_Hitdude  |  12

OP said she was debating with herself. Therefore she was presenting arguments and answering her own questions. Or do I need to tell you the definition of "debate" aswell?

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