By fuck.jpg.bmp.gif.rar.zip.shit - / Saturday 12 October 2013 20:28 / New Zealand - Auckland
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  Awahso  |  25

Its kinfa hot though

  skitzymew  |  19

Regardless if OPs boyfriend liked it or not, there ARE guys out there that do. I actually got a message from some perv on here a while ago asking if I would kick his balls if he payed me $50.

  Awahso  |  25

Awh no I made a typo. And that is really creepy. Just like any other turn on or kink-you're going to have weirdos creeping up on people.

  marcranger  |  28

54, I'm grossed out on your behalf, but sadly, I'm not surprised. I made my comment in jest, but I have seen certain...websites devoted to the genre of cock and ball torture, enough that I'm sure there's an audience interested in re-enacting the contents IRL. -___-

  marcranger  |  28

Which means, 81, that there is nut-shot porn, which means by extension that there are guys (and gals, but we all know who watches more porn) who are into it!

  9echo  |  17

Today, I finally got the balls to kiss my new girlfriend. As I went in, she kneed me in the balls. FML

  Welshite  |  39

Those balls must be defective, but he can return them at the Ball Factory under the 30 day warranty. He might even get bouncy balls as a replacement.

By  theonecasey  |  27

Too much excitement!

  Cartera  |  10

Welshite you're so stupid. You can't even tell the difference between aliens and the Illuminati!

By  aoc123  |  8

lots of guys are into that haha maybe he'll think it was hot?


Today, my boyfriend of 17 months, the first guy to tell me he loves me, the guy I lost my virginity to, the only guy whose parents I've met, told me we should stop 'hooking up' because it's weird that I was telling everyone we were a couple and it was ruining his chances of finding a girlfriend. FML

By hannah - / Tuesday 14 April 2009 15:21 / United Kingdom

Today, after hours of waiting in line, I finally met my favorite band. After posing for a picture, I looked at my phone to find that instead of taking a picture with me and the band, my friend took selfies. FML

By simply_meeeee / Monday 20 July 2015 15:10 / United States - Glen Carbon
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