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Wow ur parents a sick liars, but they seem awsome!!!!!!! Oh and by the way how is this an FML?? Ur parents just act poor, that doesn't me u guys are poor...

So did they at least let you borrow their car so you could look rich? Who knows - you may get "lucky." Seriously, though, at least you have a car that works, so please STFU and start cleaning the kitchen.

well how old are you? just because you don't have the nicest car in the world doesn't make your life fucked. at least you have a car. i had to drive around an old cop car for a year and a half. i hated it. it was a piece of shit. but it got me to where i needed to go. and if you are young then its not that big of a deal to even have a nice car anyways. that's why you go to school to get a degree to get a good job to get a nice car.

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