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OP here, My bf happened to be half asleep and as such is rather blond when so. (So no, he doesn't need sex ed as it has little to do with this topic per say). Him squeezing me whilst on my period has been a discussion point over the 6yrs we've been together, as yes, if done right, literally (TMI) squeezes out (insert words) and I really hate it, (guys, think of it as similar feeling to wetting yourself accidentally, it's a really yuck feeling). Thanks though for your comments and FYL's. :3 you've made us both laugh til our cheeks were sore. So again Thanks.
By Keladrylady / Saturday 18 April 2015 00:47 / New Zealand - Auckland
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By  Daevas  |  18

In a sense, you may Have been a ketchup bottle...

By  Katthebamf  |  29

Bleedin' heck! Most guys aren't well educated about those matter are they?

By  EclipseCandy6  |  24

This would happen in New Zealand wouldn't it

By  sixsevenoh  |  6

Men usually mask their soft side. He probably knew you needed a hug and gave you one without his intention in plain view.

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