By babymine / Friday 9 March 2012 04:45 / United States
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  vonRosen  |  6

*during flight*
"Hey, do you remember the time I groped your boob when trying to save your bag, what a laugh huh ;D"

Ps I'd pay to listen to that convo ^^

  muzy  |  23

op don't sweat it. It was an accident and she probably knows this too you should have just been nice to her for the duration of the flight. You could probably have made a breast friend :)

  muzy  |  23

edit: best.

By  AnonymousChik  |  5

Was she hot at least?

  mrnuleef  |  7

Well, if op is into women, hopefully the convo went well and op can consider his/herself at second base. If not, then... Well.... Awkward silence commences

By  Showtime00  |  0

mile high club sort of :/

By  nond2nv  |  4


By  ninjuh_wingman  |  29

Thats hella awkward. It would not be as bad if she was hot.

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