By Kendall14159 - / Sunday 22 May 2016 02:14 / United States - Jacksonville
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Not defending what the kids did, but if they were able to peanut butter the keyboard, they could have done any of the things you hire a babysitter to stop kids doing in the first place.

I read stuff like this and I'm so happy I don't have children. Horrible little brats. And see now OP can't really complain because he fell asleep and those parents will of course use their kids to slide out of replacing/repairing OP's computer. Sorry OP

Everyone is acting like Op opted for a nap when this happened. To me it sounds like Op was just so tired they passed out the second their hands weren't busy with something. I don't know about you but if you suddenly pass out from exhaustion, you're probably not doing it on purpose. Fyl Op, talk to your teacher or prof and ask what their late policy is, most will still let you submit late but with a penalty. Then take a good long nap.


On purpose or not, if OP was that tired that the kids could cause that much harm to the computer, think of what else they could have done. When your job is to care for children you have to be able to provide care, if OP knew they were too tired they should have canceled. I'd be beyond pissed if my sitter let that happen, honestly. Im not upset about the sleeping, but you have to know yourself and that you will wake up when you need to before signing up for such a responsibility.

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