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Number 1's right, and people should seriously stop with the whole revenge rage shit. The end of civilization is near.


Yeah, there are cameras everywhere these days. I'm sure there will be no problem catching the idiot, and you'll get new windows, etc in the process.

I don't get why the angry girlfriends go after the "other woman" (who in this instance wasn't the "other woman" anyway). Why don't they get rid of the boyfriend who is cheating on them? Obviously, there is something wrong with the relationship if the BF needs to screw another woman. That's a pretty low/shitty thing to have happen to you. #4


a lot of women are so fucking stupid about girls and their boyfriends/ guys they like they ALWAYS blame another woman


I agree! I mean in some cases, the other woman doesn't even know about the first one! OP: That sucks, time for the cops!

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i'm i the only one thinking that you can solve the problem without cops ? the same happened to a friend, but actually he knew and was told who the girl was...good luck finding the bitch...xD!!


I'm sure she could solve it without cops but the who ever f'ed up her car deserve's to be handcuffed and humiliated. Cops do that for free.

thats messed up ya i would sue and for people like #5. What the hell? ive seen alot of fmls about the OP not having sex for a whyle and also people complaining the OP is a whore or something.... WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT. Have sex with someone they dont evin know? Let alone love. then saying stuff like getting your car broken into is your fault because you didnt have sex. wow. so you heard the "Docter" open your legs and all of your problems like someone breaking into your car will ju

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