By Anonymous - / Wednesday 4 July 2012 16:40 / Canada - Charlottetown
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  doctorhook86  |  24


I'm also jealous. Never cheated, don't intend to...but Im intrigued by the thought of fooling around with hot girlfriend's hot sister.

Guess I'll live vicariously through FMLs like this.


You respond by dragging him out of your house an then beatin the shit out of your sister. If she is that bad of a person to help someone cheat (especially on her sister) then I'm sorry, I'd be an only child.


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  dorko_is_me  |  6

I'd respond by helping wake the sister up by beating her backstabbing ass!! Then move on the the scum bag cheating ex-boyfriend and give him a parting kick to the nuts and punch to the face!!


never talk to her and for the boyfriend right then and the sick him or kick him in the balls grab his clothes throw them outside drag my sister out the bathroom and lock her in the room then draag the boy outside lock him out go turn off the water tell my father and let him do the whipping to my sister

  ghostlilac  |  25

That would backfire, because it would mean that OP probably has an STD too.

  swag2314  |  0

I think #15 was assuming that they have had sex before so he gave her the std

By  PantyGAMES  |  10

"I saw her sleepwalking in the shower so I decided to go in and wake her up! But, I didn't want my clothes to get wet, so I got naked. And we all know the best way to wake somebody up is to..."

  whosindahouse  |  9

Wait so did he wake her up?

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