By Anonymous - / Wednesday 8 April 2015 17:19 / United States - Ann Arbor
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  Swandive235  |  27

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By  kred  |  21

Do you wanna biodiversity a snowman? COME on let's go Nd play

  drunk_crow  |  12

I would just leave.

  StickyPickles  |  33

My god yes!! You know you thought about it too. . . every last one of you (us) did. Whatever, don't lie. Hahahaha

  Lord_Rythin  |  0

I'm calling bull on this one. As a fifteen year old, I believe I am most qualified to tell you that not everything is a turn on for a male my age.

  Mauskau  |  35

I usually just put things on for background noise and don't pay any attention. It doesn't help when a joke is made and I manage to catch it though.

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