By Anonymous / Wednesday 9 November 2011 20:00 / Canada
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By  MrSaxMan  |  0

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  obnum  |  19

awww it was so romantic. OP's gf doesnt need a "real" gift. that one came from the heart, and if she didnt like it, she shouldnt get any gift

  amayasoma  |  19

If my boyfriend did all that, I would fall in love with him all over again. Your girlfriend is a selfish bitch. Obviously she is just with you for the money and the gifts. FYL man. Try finding a better girl.

  ck11_fml  |  1

some women get mad if you get them impersonal expensive gifts. some women get mad if you get them inexpensive personal gifts.

either make sure you've got your girl down cold or give a mix of both.

  cheefer  |  0

You don't deserve her. Obviously you've never been a pimp.

  Palirose  |  22

Dump her, she's obviously NOT worth any of the things you did for her. None of the guys I've ever dated never even bought me one rose. Which is why they're all kicked to the curb. Find someone who will appreciate the romance. Don't waste anymore of your hard earned money on that slag.

  mbishop94479  |  4

She wanted a ring. Not necessarily spoiled.

  Victoria125  |  15

She may not be spoiled it's possible that she had spent alot of money on OP for the present she gave him so was expecting a "real" present back. Although roses and cookies are cute butthey aren't really something she can keep to remember the day.

By  vibeplayer1112  |  0

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  geon_olam  |  17

pretty sure its op
not literally, but if hes the one baking cookies...

  VVeetard  |  8

#2 was inferring that op is like a girl.

  2ndSucks  |  15

They both sound like stereotypical women to me.


Op just tell her ur present is to let her give u A blow job, then she will write to FML

  dre_bro11  |  12

83, why be stereotypical for? If a chick can do it, why can't a guy. And the other way around?

Sometimes I pray for humanity. This is one of those times.

By  ant1078  |  7

You'd better have a well paying job! Good luck lol

By  brianjman14  |  22

What a fucking greedy bitch! If that were me, I would just be fine with the Italian restaurant, but you still gave her more, OP. Plus, you didn't even have to do anything for her. She should be thankful you even remembered.


You don't get it.. don't you?!! She must have some OTHER qualities..

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