By uselessdad / Tuesday 7 September 2010 23:48 / Singapore
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  rawand  |  0

take them down to the hospital and get them fingerprinted and check the birth certificate, even twins have different finger print grooves, problem solved=)

  yessiee23  |  0

#34 that's so true! why didn't they think of that themselfs?


Hahaha OP that happened to my sister and I when we were babies, they just checked by foot prints and from then on we wore different colors with our names ironed on them. Not a big deal, my sister and I constantly poke fun at our mum and dad for it.


aww, they're twins just divy out the names and try to keep them from getting switched again. If they find out one day that their names were switched it would be a funny story.

  mona_is_here  |  10

They are still infants, so just dress them differently in order to know who is who. If
you mixed them up, they wouldn't know and it wouldn't matter anyway because they are newborn.

  All_I_Need  |  4


I am a twin and I tell you : you do not wish to have twins or multiples. The risks of premature birth are higher (among other things, you should read about that), it is hard to take care of more than one kid at the same time (and expensive) and our psychological development is different, especially since everyone consider that we are "the twins" instead of "A" and "B".

Babies may look cute when they are not yours but it's a great responsability.


go to the hopistel they can help then put something on them so u can tell!!!!!

  Azrael489  |  0

34 is wise, though just a minor quibble, it's footprints for newborns. I do hope they do this in Singapore? 93's suggestion is also good.

I wouldn't feel too bad, OP. I bet this is WAY more common than people might think. I'm not a parent but I've never understood how parents say they can tell by the personalities. They're newborns, how much personality do they have?

  tianxing1012  |  0

i really dont see what the big deal is. they're babies? it doesnt really matter yet.

  capilot  |  10

Actually I sometimes suspect that happens all the time. Perhaps all identical twins have their identities swapped a few times before they're old enough to learn their own names.

  kurato  |  6

I lawl too. I have no souls XD. This should have gone to learn from my fails. Because I'm definitely WILL remember when I married, NEVER dress my infants twins the same clothing just because it look cute.

  heygirlie777  |  21

182- no. Even babies have their own little personalities. And would you really just wanna say "Hey, you can be Kate and you can be Samantha! Maybe thats not who you were originally! Oh well!"


y r u such a bitch?

By  FFML_314  |  11

CONGRATULATIONS. Twins are fun. Especially twin girls. Even more so when they're teenagers.

Good luck.



I'm a twin! Rude.


Ignorance, you're just so precious and full of love. You are the sunshine that lights up this world.
Thank you for your kind words!

  giby10k  |  0

You can henna tattoo them! LOL

I hope this never happens to me if I have twins, and if I do, I'm so stealing the idea of painting one toenail on each baby. One green one blue!

  xXxDestinyXxX  |  0

#13: Good ideas for every parent of twins.

OP, just because you could not tell them apart does not mean you are bad parents. They look EXACTLY THE SAME! Anyone could make that mistake. Try what #13 said, they put names on the labels of clothing at daycare centers.. why not take advantage of that for your own kids?

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