By Anonymous / Saturday 27 August 2011 23:07 / Canada
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By  Stonedmanalex  |  0

Hey if theres nothing else why not

  cooluc  |  0

I have a feeling some sort of punctuation is missing in this FML. Perhaps a comma or period?

  BagleHead  |  6

Better than being in a public bathroom and having to use your sock. and 15, it's called being a 'grammar nazi', not the 'grammar gestapo...although that does have a nice ring to it...

  TheFlyingMan  |  8

Well: 1. Why use the stuff in the garbage when your stepdad can get clean paper for you? 2. Your DP looks like the used paper in the garbage, and I would want that touching my ass.

By  BaileyBabyBear  |  6

is that what your step dad did?

By  nekrodoll  |  0

uhm do what i do take a poopie shower!! its better than wiping ur but.

  leadman1989  |  15

I imagined I to be more like, "now here's your problem you've got a giant rodent sized ball of human feces, coagulated blood, and teeth in your shower drain." as brilliant a start to a porno as I can imagine. Lol

  lilovatch  |  4

These people... Would you rather use a used toilet paper than wash it in the shower? Or maybe u think its better not to clean up at all... That would be disgusting Geez...

  BellaBelle_fml  |  23

Toilet paper can be used for other things that don't require it to be flushed. Like blow your nose. Either way, it's still gross to take anything out of a trash can and re-use it.

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