By cloudberry / Sunday 27 May 2012 08:00 / United States - Astoria
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By  Jiinxx  |  8

shit just got real.

By  JayChuckles  |  4

We're you lying to her? Or does she only think you're a loser?

  Ririshi  |  0

We're you lying? LOL learn proper English.. It's were you lying. We're means we are

  monicadempsy  |  5

We are you lying to her? Wtf

By  Jiinxx  |  8

shit just got real.


Op didn't say he/she had friends.
He/she just said they were hanging with some friends.
Op could have been hanging with somebody else's friends.
Which is kind of creepy now that I think about it.

By  Ririshi  |  0

That must be quite a bad feeling you have then..

By  rahrah765765  |  11

Holy shit you have one eye?

By  guitarh4  |  7

Aww :( I'm so sorry about that. You have an extremely rude mother! Well I hope you explained the story to her, and she apologized. Have fun with your friends! :)

  loludunnomeee  |  18

70- that was just because of an asshole judge, it got removed of her record and she was in jail for only 24 hours. She was working two jobs and her parents abandoned her.

By  Enslaved  |  36

That's what I always told my mom when I "really" was hanging out with a guy I knew she wouldn't approve of instead. Parents are smart now a days because they know what lies they told their parents to get away with murder.

If you weren't lying, then just say so without blinking.(:

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