By embarrassed - / Monday 21 December 2009 00:26 / United Kingdom
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  perdix  |  29

I think whatevershesaid meant "commonly-used abbreviations" instead of "cliches." LOL, IDK, BRB, LMAO don't get "fixed" by predictive text. ING2BH2N is not widely accepted, though.

By  Back_In_Action  |  18

Fail. If you know you have predictive text messaging (most or all phones do), read before you send; ESPECIALLY if it's to one of your parents. It's not that hard, and it'll save you embarrassment, explanations, and posting on here. YDI.


Today, me and my girlfriend got into a fight. After giving my genius response to one of her asinine comments, I stormed out of the store, having the last word. Ten minutes later she comes out to find me in the parking lot. My car wouldn't start. She texts me "Karma's a bitch" then drives away. FML

By Not so quick getaway. - / Saturday 28 February 2009 07:55 / United States
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