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Today, I sprained my wrist playing Guitar Hero. The ER doctor called all of his coworkers in to hear my story. They all laughed. FML

By Slash - / Tuesday 16 June 2009 16:43 / United States
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By  CaseyK_fml  |  0

I suck. I just... suck. Hugely. Fuck.

  Mykeh  |  0

You sprained your wrist playing guitar hero?

You might not be a guitar hero but you're my hero. I love you, thanks for trying hard love.

  obnum  |  19

1 - you disappoint me.

177 - I don't think you can just fix a sprained wrist on your own just like that...? I think the hospital is necessary.

OP - how the hell did you sprain your wrist? It's a fun game, but did you have to play so rough?? o.o

By  jem1991  |  0

i really do not see what everyone sees in that game, like its not even that serious..

  xstaticdelta  |  6

Games are for people to have fun or to relax. They are not ment to be serious but ment to relieve some stress of your brain

Dumbed down for your sake:

  jem1991  |  0

um idiots, when i say "its not even that serious"
i mean that people like the game so much and the
game is not even that great.
idiot much?

By  gofriars  |  0

#9, it's guitar hero, dumbass. not rock band. and op, ydi for being a guido bro from jersey.

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