By stupidtoothpick2 - / Sunday 16 August 2009 05:19 / United States
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Today, I spent hours trying to get a piece of food out of my two front teeth. I didn't have anything I could use, until I went out to dinner and got a toothpick. I finally got the food out of teeth. The toothpick broke. Now the tip of the toothpick is stuck in my teeth. MLIA


TWO WORD POSTS IN ALL CAPS WITH NO ACTUAL MESSAGE WILL MAKE ME COOL? I wish I had known about that years ago, *that's* Why people always yell at me on the internet.

you mean you didn't floss? in the hours you spent trying to get the food out, you didn't think of flossing? wow!!!!!

It feels really bad when you get things between your teeth (it's like stones in your shoes- they might be the size of a grain of sand but they feel enormous), but not exactly a 'fuck my life' moment.

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