By S. - / Sunday 26 August 2012 16:20 / Estonia
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  onlychildFTW  |  33

Tooth picks are sharp too. Step on one and that will hurt for awhile. I think OP needs to was the butter of their hands before they attempt carrying them again. Haha.

  Annis_x3  |  7

181- I don't know what kind of toothpicks you use, but the ones I'm used to (if dropped) would stay flat on the ground as opposed to sticking straight up.

  supportcommand  |  17

5 second rule is food. We're not eating the picks. Just picking food from teeth. If your a germaphobe then I get it. I just don't see it as a big deal. But if something is stuck on it then ya, I would throw it out too.

By  Ayla_Abriel  |  1

Omg. At least you won't drop them again!

By  williamcarter93  |  13

Those picks were meant for dropping, and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these picks are gonna drop all over you...

  eXangelice  |  15

Not only did this comment make me laugh out loud, it also made me start reading it to a specific tune, which made me want to move my body to the music in my head... Thanks for temporarily turning me into a psych patient.

By  kenbarbz72  |  0

Do you really need that many toothpicks though?

  supportcommand  |  17

Usually toothpicks are bought in a large quantity. Doesn't take a big box to hold 500. But takes forever to pick them all up. really sucks op. bet you missed a few too. Don't worry though. You'll find them at 3 am while looking for a snack. Stuck in your foot.

  alycion  |  29

I use them to test if certain foods are done, mainly baked goods. So of I'm doing a lot of baking I can go through that many pretty quickly. But like someone else already pointed out, that's kind of how they are sold. Not to mention they don't go bad. So it's not uncommon for someone to buy that many.

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