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This is my post and my cat is fine! Usually I pull out and shell jump off the roof in time buy I guess she just got balsy! I stopped at a red light and a bunch of people were honking at me and she just casually climbed onto my hood and just started cleaning herself. I just wish I could have seen what she looked like on top of the roof x)
By beccadabeast - / Monday 30 June 2014 06:44 / United States - Mesa
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  gjikvtj  |  18

The rooftop of a moving over-medicated housewife's SUV is what distinguishes a pussy from a sabertooth.

  zZLightZz  |  13

I was always so nice to cats i would feed strays but i still dislike cats in general. had a bad experience

  cakefete2  |  30

The cat was fine. Unfortunately, it's still stuck firmly to the roof. It's kind of awkward when OP has to go to the garage to feed mittens, but hey, we love our pets.

  siggy_mcsigx  |  18

Personally, it is extremely unnatural for me to place things on the tops or hoods of cars. If I'm struggling I would rather place on the ground or hold between teeth. I just know that I WILL completely forget about it. Partly this is because I am so short and if the vehicle is taller than I am, the object won't stay in my range of vision and it won't stay present in my absent-minded head.

  beccadabeast  |  16

Hello! this is my post and my cat is an outdoor cat, she always sun bathes on my roof and usually jumps off by the time I pull my car out so I never check twice!

  zZLightZz  |  13

no this could have been submitted right when he realized. unlikely but still possible

By  zahidnasir  |  19

Time for a drift :P

By  fsomelife  |  26

Comfort, comfort, comfort now. And be more attentive ._.

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