By Anonymous - / Monday 30 June 2014 11:40 / Australia - Applecross
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Was it OP's son or daughter? xD

  adoseofmicki  |  12

Besides if she's old enough to use the microwave, she's too old for that question.


I asked that to point out the obviousness of the answer, like OP's daughter did, except the answer wasn't obvious to her.

  fuckyourlifeOP  |  25

42, actually, by using advanced technology, hacking into the server, finding the secret files, and digging into the codes, I can confirm that the use of "daughter" and "she" implies that OP has a son.

By  CloverMilk  |  3

The generation is getting dumber and dumber.

  Kougeru  |  12

Sadly, this isn't the only evidence the generations are getting dumber.


This comment is starting to get old.

By  Mr_Brightside209  |  12

do you happen to be married to your brother?

  SmoothPancakes  |  10

Well, to be fair to those people, they're most likely asking what day it's on, like it being on Friday this year for example. Some may not know what day it'll fall on, especially a month or two out, and thus ask what day it's on if they don't have a calendar handy.

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